Are You Being Fooled by Pink Washing?

Pink Washing for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month and many companies take full advantage of this by promoting their products with pink ribbons.  However there are many products with pink packaging that defeat the entire purpose of helping beat breast cancer.  Pink Washing is a real thing. Do you notice more things in October with pink packaging?  This month I saw Campbell’s soup with a pink label,  shampoo and lotion bottles with special pink packaging, and packaged cookies including the breast cancer ribbon symbol. This week our office even received some ‘pink’ popcorn in a pink promotional popcorn bucket.  We all know that the artificial flavors and colors of this fake popcorn does nothing for your health.  In fact it likely contains cancer causing chemicals that can actually contribute to breast cancer!

Toxic Chemicals & Prevention

As many as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Awareness of breast cancer is a great thing, but you know what is even greater? Prevention! We should be focused on preventing people from even getting breast cancer in the first place. Currently only 10% of federal money towards breast cancer is used for prevention. Imagine how much heartache and healthcare money we would save if less people got cancer.

Studies show a strong link between toxic chemical exposure and the increase in breast cancer.

That lotion with the pink ribbon on it during the month of October could potentially contain cancer causing ingredients which are absorbed into your skin. The pink promotional popcorn bucket we received at work with ‘pink’ popcorn has artificial flavors and colors that are harmful to our health and contain chemicals that increase breast cancer risk.

Everyday Exposure

The following have the potential to contain cancer-causing chemicals.

  • Personal Care Products – Shampoo, lotion etc
  • Cleaning products
  • BPA – commonly found in canned foods
  • Pesticides from non-organic foods
  • Scented candles and air fresheners

What to do?

  1. Educate Yourself
  2. Avoid being brainwashed by pink washing.
  3. Petition Congress for stricter laws to protect us from these toxic chemicals.
  4. Do some research and choose safer products
  5. Check out EWG’s Skin Deep Database before buying personal care products such as shampoo, lotion or makeup
  6. Check out EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning before you buy new cleaning supplies
  7. Avoid Plastics – especially those made with BPA



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