Are You Eating Sewer Sludge?

Sewer Sludge

Sewer sludge comes from human waste flushed down toilets and sinks. This water is then filtered and heated to remove any bacteria.  However this process does not remove dissolved metals and chemicals that are too small to be filtered out. The fact is that some amount of toxins remain in the water.

Used to Water Crops

The treated water is then used to water non-organic crops.  Some of the harmful substances dissolved in the sewer sludge bioaccumulate in the plants and remain as residue.  Essentially when we eat produce watered with sewer sludge we are consuming some amount of toxic residues such as heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs and thousands of other potentially harmful chemicals.

Sold at Whole Foods

Even stores like Whole Foods allow this practice on the produce they sell.  Most people shop at stores like whole foods to eat healthier, not to expose themselves and their families to more toxins.  Thankfully, they are now requiring that their suppliers do NOT use sewer sludge to grow their produce.


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