Plastic Food Containers Leach Hormone Disrupting Chemcials Into Your Food. Learn How and Why to Find Safer Alterantives.

Why I’m Not Using Plastic Containers for Food

My journey started when I learned microwaving plastic containers and storing food in plastic can leach chemicals into food.  From that day on I quit putting plastic in the microwave and even today I never do. Over time I’ve replaced all of the plastic containers in our kitchen with glass.  I have a few simple […] Read more…

Silicone Container

Silicone Container – an Alternative to Plastic

What is Silicone Silicone is a hybrid between glass and plastic.  It has the flexibility of plastic, but like glass doesn’t react with most materials.  Silicone is definitely a safer alternative to plastic storage containers, but I still feel that glass is the safest option. Why Avoid Plastic for Food Storage? Plastic food storage containers […] Read more…