The Best Milk Comes in Glass Bottles

Best Tasting Milk

The best milk is fresh creamy and comes in glass bottles. There is quite a difference between conventional milk and high quality local milk.  Our family prefers the taste and nutrition of local milk in glass jars from Homestead Creamery in Virginia.  In addition to being local, it comes from cows who are mostly grass fed and free from artificial growth hormones.

Conventional Milk

Conventional milk comes from cows that are crowded inhumanely into factory farms, fed an unnatural diet of corn, raised with artificial growth hormones and often given antibiotics to keep them from getting sick.  The next best option is organic milk in cartons, but they usually come ultra-pasteurized.  Although they stay fresh longer, more of the nutrients have been destroyed by the high heat.  The better option is local milk in glass jars.

Local Milk

One day I come across glass jars of Homestead Creamery milk while shopping at Whole Foods.  We tried it and never went back to the regular stuff.  The best milk comes in glass bottles and tastes so fresh compared to the milk in plastic gallons. In addition to the superior taste I feel good about supporting the local economy and reducing waste with reusable glass bottles.

Local milk is tastier and healthier than conventional milk.  If you don’t live in Virginia or can’t find milk from Homestead Creamery then check out local farms in your area.



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